What Exactly to HVAC/R Techs Do?

Starting a career and an HVAC/R technician is exciting as well as enjoyable. It is growing at a fast rate with more than 8400 technicians every year. It is a high demand field and to be a successful HVAC/R technician you must possess a number of traits and skills this include;
•    Great customer service skills
•    Excellent time manager
•    Attention to details
•    Troubleshooting skills

Job description of a HVAC/R Techs

An HVAC technician installs and works on repairs for air quality systems and heating as well as refrigeration. This is the reason that it is more commonly referred to as HVAC/R. A technician has the choice to specialize in repair or installation of certain types of equipment. A HVAC/R Tech might also be responsible for selling maintenance contracts to potential customers.

Before they can install a system, they review the specifications of the clients and then explain the options available to the client. With years of expertise, they are in a position to offer clients advice on which option fits the client’s needs best. After they reach an agreement, the technician will set up the system and install the pumps and the air ducts. The technician will periodically pay a visit for preventative maintenance as well as troubleshooting when an issue arises.


Education requirements

Even though most of the technicians are self-employed and work as contractors they must have some formal training. They have to have undergone classroom instruction at a technical school. They can also choose apprenticeship that lasts anywhere between three years and five years. On the bright side, apprenticeship is paid. Apart from training, they have to be licensed. The licensing requirements may vary from state to state but it typically means they have to pass a written test.


A typical day in a successful HVAC/R tech’s life

Most technicians will tell you that no two days are ever alike. There is no chance of your work being monotonous or having a very predictable schedule. One day you might have to spend a day installing air conditioning systems in a major commercial building while the next day you spend making house calls for inspections, estimated or repairs. While some jobs might be demanding and might take a week or so to complete, typically most jobs are easy once you have mastered the skill.
Some typical job duties handled by HVAC/R techs include;
•    Overseeing installation of systems
•    Troubleshooting equipment
•    Provide any technical support to their field
•    Making house calls for maintenance or repair
•    Laying out design and installation of systems

An HVAC/R technician leads a busy and exciting life. To be successful, good communication skills and excellent customer service skills are a must since they interact with many people from different walks of life.

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