6 Great Qualities Of An HVAC Technician

Over 350,000 tasks were conducted by HVAC/R technicians in 2018. A significant number of those technicians were able to elicit a smile from their client due to a well-done job. However, that would not have been possible without professional training and good working traits.

Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians work closely with customers on a daily basis. Having certain qualities as an HVAC/R Technician will allow you to do your job better and make your customer’s life easier. Below we’ve listed six great qualities of an HVAC/R Technician.


  1. Composure and Patience

Somedays will be easier than others. Somedays it will seem like all the HVAC systems can’t be fixed. You’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. Take a deep breath, walk away for a moment, and come back to the project with a clear head. Maintaining composure in these stressful situations is crucial for both you and the client.


  1. Dependability

There is a chance you’ve had a bad experience with repair companies in the past and a chance your prospective customers have too. Change their mind about HVAC/R techs and build trust with your customers. Be on time, clearly communicate the progress and updates of the project, and always provide all information needed when giving estimates. Collectively this will build credibility with your customer.


  1. Inviting Persona

As an HVAC/R technician, you will interact with clients and customers regularly, so having an amicable persona is essential. When speaking with clients, always smile, make eye contact and maintain a calm demeanor to put your customer at ease.


  1. Technical Intelligence

During your training at ETI, you will receive hands-on training and gain knowledge on sheet metal fabrication, electrical work, conduit bending, gas piping, refrigeration, diagnostics and everything else you need to know to install, repair and replace HVAC/R equipment. This training will prepare you to enter the field of HVAC, ready to complete tasks and speak to clients with confidence and expertise.


  1. Communication Skills

Communication is critical in the HVAC industry and on job sites. Technicians are often required to provide the client with an update on the issue at hand and the steps that will be taken to fix the issue. Clear and concise communication skills are essential qualities for HVAC/R technicians.


  1. Presentation

Last but not least, how you appear at your client’s doorstep is an essential piece of how you will be perceived by the client. You should always arrive at the job site in a clean uniform that clearly states the name of the business and your own name. This immediately conveys a level of professionalism.


Become an HVAC/R Technician at ETI School of Skilled Trades

Now that you have familiarized yourself with these six great qualities of an HVAC/R technician, it’s time to get the training you need and build the confidence that comes with it to enter the field. Contact ETI School of Skilled Trades at (888) 830-7678 for more information on our HVAC/R program. Classes are enrolling now.


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