Why Women Should Consider A Career in HVAC/R

Refrigeration and heating is generally not considered to be a stereotypical female sector. In fact, some would say that it is a stereotypical male industry. The statistics vary depending on the sources, but everybody agrees that the majority of people working in refrigeration and heating are men. However, there are more and more women choosing to work in this sector every year. Gender equality laws mean that discrimination is illegal and harshly punished, and changing social attitudes mean that people are more open to women working in an area of business that is traditionally male. In fact, many companies are looking to be more “diverse,” as “diversity” has become a hot trend when it comes to employment. This means that some companies with a majority of male employees might be looking specifically to hire women. To learn more about the reasons that women should consider going into refrigeration and heating, read on.


Refrigeration and heating techs that have graduated from a school like ETI are compensated quite well. Pay varies widely depending on your area of specialization and your location, but it is often better than the starting salaries for college graduates. This is true for both men and women entering the refrigeration and heating field. Many other jobs that women without college degrees commonly take, such as working in retail or waiting tables, do not pay as much and do not provide as much satisfaction and enjoyment as working in heating and refrigeration. For more on job satisfaction in this industry, see below.

Working with your hands

Many people look at jobs they can get without a college degree and realize they don’t really want to do any of them. Many people don’t want to work in retail or food service. The job satisfaction ratings for these occupations are quite low. The satisfaction ratings for those working in refrigeration and heating, however, are much higher. Many people find it satisfying to fix things and install things with their hands. While most people think of men as people who enjoy working with their hands, many women enjoy it as well.

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