Find Your New Career in Less Than a Year

Are you eager for a career change but worried about the time it might take? What if you could learn a new skill and find a new job in less than a year?

At ETI School of Skilled Trades, this isn’t just a possibility—it’s a reality. Our HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) program is designed to catapult you into the HVAC/R industry swiftly and efficiently, provided you’re ready to dedicate yourself fully to the learning process.

Here’s how ETI makes this happen.


  1. Accelerated Learning

Our HVAC/R program is intense but led by supportive instructors who will help you gain confidence as you learn. In less than a year, you’ll cover everything from the basics of heating and cooling systems to advanced diagnostics and repair techniques. We’ve fine-tuned our curriculum to ensure you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information in the HVAC/R industry.


  1. Hands-On Experience

At ETI, we believe in learning by doing. Our program emphasizes practical, hands-on experience. You’ll be working with real equipment, solving actual problems, and gaining the kind of practical skills that employers look for. We will help you prepare for your first interview, write a resume, and introduce you to our industry partners.


  1. Dedicated Staff and Supportive Environment

Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing an education. Our staff, composed of industry-experienced professionals, are invested in your journey. They offer personalized guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way. Your part of a community dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals at ETI.


  1. High Demand for HVAC/R Professionals

The HVAC/R industry is booming, and skilled professionals are in high demand. By completing our program, you’re not just learning a trade; you’re stepping into a sector ripe with opportunities for growth, stability, and satisfaction.


  1. Flexible Learning Options

We understand that life is busy, and making a career change is a big decision. That’s why our program is designed to accommodate different schedules, allowing you to balance your current responsibilities while working towards your future.

Take the Leap with ETI

Ready to jumpstart your new career in less than a year? ETI School of Skilled Trade is here to turn that goal into a reality. Our HVAC/R program is your gateway to an exciting and fulfilling industry. Don’t wait any longer to begin your career.

Your future in the HVAC/R industry starts at ETI School of Skilled Trades. Enroll now and be on your way to a new career in less than a year!


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