HVAC/R Professional Training

HVAC Technicians: Professionals with Industry Knowledge

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of any heating or cooling system, HVAC technicians are required to uphold the standards of professional service when fixing, maintaining and diagnosing problems within all systems including ventilation on a commercial and residential map. Professionals within the industry are trusted to accurately assess each given situation and act accordingly based on their knowledge and skill set. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs of those they serve have proven to be a sustainable market with job longevity and continued demand for service repair and specialized knowledge.

HVAC/R Training: Developing the skills for any position

Prospective professionals seeking entry into the booming industry are required to go through an extensive seven-month training period where they learn the terminology and skills needed to service existing units and install new parts or systems with a wide range of difficulty. Learning the basics of the trade constitutes this HVAC/R training program, and ETI School of Skilled Trades offers a comprehensive program with prospective job outlooks for all those with drive and initiative. Learning these skills will be fun and exciting because when completed you will be well on your way to achieving a stable career in an unstable world. Can you imagine a time without heating or air conditioning? Just the thought of a hot summer day begs for the need of modern heating or cooling systems.

HVAC/R Certification: Gaining the necessary skills

When you become certified in the industry, it means you are properly equipped and trained to deal with all types of situations. Gaining a vast understanding of machines and how they operate will allow you to service, repair or install new units to meet the needs in this demanding industry. After all, we all know that when the AC goes out in the middle of summer it’s a minor emergency. People deserve a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional who can address and solve the toughest situations. Attaining a certification will help you gain knowledge in specialties such as metal fabrication, advanced electrical work and conduit bending.

HVAC/R Program: A step towards many new opportunities.

HVAC/R is a lucrative career full of opportunities that are just waiting to be ceased, but it’s not without hard work and dedication. Students will be taught by experts in the field who have a wide array of experiences under their belts. They will help any novice sharpen their diagnostic tools to be successful in the field, tackling the toughest challenges. Fill out the information above to get started on a productive and rewarding career in HVAC/R. If you have any more questions, please call us today at (888) 830-7678.


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