HVAC/R Vs. Welding: Which Trade Is Better?

You already know that a career in trade offers stability. But how do you decide which trade to enter? HVAC/R and Welding both have their advantages, so it can be hard to choose a path. We’ve broken down the differences so you can decide for yourself.



What does a HVAC/R Technician do?

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Technicians are the professionals responsible for installing and maintaining the systems that keep our homes and businesses comfortable and the air quality safe. They can work in residential or commercial settings, and typical duties include: overseeing installations, troubleshooting repairs, providing excellent customer service, and keeping up to date on new technology.

Benefits of HVAC/R

The career offers an active environment—no boring office cubicles here. There is typically strong job security in the field as well. The career in growing much faster than most other occupations, so work should continue to be in-demand. As demand continues to grow, that could open opportunities for advancement, so now is the time to get in.


What does a Welder do?

Welding is the high-heat process that joins materials, most frequently metals. Welders work in many different industries, so there is flexibility and potential for travel in this field. Daily responsibilities range from studying blueprints, welding and/or inspecting structures, to monitoring the welding process to avoid overheating.

Benefits of Welding

Welders are needed in every industry. If we continue to build new construction and as our infrastructure continues to age, welding will continue to be useful. There is such a wide variety in the kinds of work welders do that you also have a lot of options and won’t get easily bored. They even have the flexibility to change industries without changing careers. They’re needed in manufacturing and construction. They are even work on oil rigs offshore, underwater, on oil rigs offshore, and on pipes in the Alaskan wild. If you like adventure and travel, there are probably more options for that in welding than in HVAC/R.


Who’s the Winner?

It really is not a matter of which trade is better: HVAC/R technician or Welder. Both have their strong suites. Which means it’s more about what you’re interested in. Want to work outside? Then a pipeline welding career could be the path for you. If you enjoy the satisfaction of helping people, HVAC/R gives you that piece of mind.  Whichever path you choose, ETI can help you get there.

Start your Training with ETI in Willowbrook, IL

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